The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Blavatsky Lodge Sydney

Practical Theosophy/Daily Life


Guideposts for Living—The Bhagavad Gita

Joy Mills

Flammarion woodcut colored

Let the Soul Speak

Bev Champion

Mondrian evolution 1911 public domain

The Theosophic Life

The difference serious study makes to the life of the student

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The Quest for Meaning

Joy Mills

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Daily Living … Practices for The Quest

Noel Duzevich

Parrot on the branch of a flowering rose bush

The Significance of Each Present Moment

N. Sri Ram on the potential of consciousness when free of attachments

Hilma af klint altarpieces group x no.3 1915

The Three Fundamental Propositions of The Secret Doctrine

Virginia Hanson

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What is the Relevance of Theosophical Metaphysics to Daily Life?

Robert Ellwood


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Initiation and the Path

Essays by N. Sri Ram, Radha Burner and Brian Parry (4 items in collection)

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Realising the Mystery of Mantra

Brian Parry

Thought to be the first colour depiction of a bird of paradise  by croatian miniaturist julije klovic%c3%adn from the exquisite farnese hours  1546  m.69  fol. 6v %28morgan library and museum

J. Krishnamurti, Theosophy and the Theosophical Society

Radha Burnier

Flammarion woodcut colored


N. Sri Ram