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Raja Yoga

Public Talk, 1.00 - 2.00 pm, 21 October 2020.

Featured Speaker:Michele Sender
Venue:The Blavatsky Lodge

DVD Presentation: ‘Diagram of Meditation - An Overview’ by Michele Sender from The Theosophical Society in America – Introduced by Rosanna Sheridan

About the Presentation

Sometime between 1887 and 1888, and not long before Helena Blavatsky died, she dictated what became known as The  Diagram of Meditation to one of her close students, Edward T. Sturdy, a New Zealander, an interesting personage in his own right.  He was a Sanskrit scholar and a student of Hinduism and Buddhism as well as being a wealthy businessman and part of Blavatsky's Inner Group of dedicated spiritual students. After Blavatsky died, Sturdy gave the Diagram to his friend Christmas Humphreys, also a person of note who was a dedicated Theosophist, a judge of The Old Bailey, and one of the main founders of the Buddhist Society in the UK.  Humphreys first published the Diagram in 1942.  Since then it has been used as a tool for theosophical students on the spiritual path of what is known as Raja Yoga or the Royal Path.  

This talk is from a four-part series called The Living Theosophy conducted by Michele Sender.   In this session - which is part four of the series called  The Practice of Meditation - Blavatsky's Diagram of Meditation, Michele gives a good general overview.  For readers who would like to go deeper into this teaching on meditation, Pablo and Michele Sender have also produced a four-part series that unpacks the diagram and gives more in-depth information.  It is definitely well worth listening to the entire series to gain a really good grasp of all the wisdom that this condensed Diagram contains.  See the link below for Part 1 of their four-part series:

The Diagram is meant to assist in a process of spiritual transformation from the limited perception of our personal ego to that of the divine self. It offers a very comprehensible approach that is not limited to instructions for sitting meditation but also includes a set of attitudes to be observed during daily life.

Visitors are very welcome. Donations are appreciated - includes refreshments after the talk. Our large spiritual library is also open (10 - 5 pm) and you are welcome to browse. We also have a small second-hand book sale section.


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