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Human-Animal Partnership

Public talk, 1.00 - 2.00 pm, 12 June 2019.

Featured Speaker:Grażyna Witkowska
Venue:The Blavatsky Lodge

what would a true human-animal partnership look like?

About the Presentation

Statistics show that there is on average 1.6 of a dog in each Australian household.  (I know, it sounds cruel - why won’t they keep the whole dog?) But joking aside…  The fact is – we do keep pets of different kinds.  More than 64% of Australians own pets, and over 83% have owned a pet at some point in their lives.

So what is your reason for keeping an animal?  Or, if you don’t have an animal, would you want to have one and why?

In our session we will explore various reasons for living with animals and various models of relating to our animals.  And most of all, we will focus on asking:

  • are human-animal partnerships possible;
  • what would such partnerships look like; and
  • what benefits would flow from such partnerships to us, humans, and to our animals.

You can expect many opportunities to share your views as well as hearing solid research into human-animal partnerships.  While I will share with you the research and some of my own stories, there will be ample opportunity to share your views and experiences.  After all, a story brings forth much richness and makes the research come to life!

About the Presenter

Grażyna Witkowska is a practising kinesiologist, hypnotherapist and coach. She is also thoroughly passionate about creating a world where animals are respected and valued; working to achieve that through deeper human-animal relationships on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

When Grażyna started to study Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney she ended up researching human-animal partnerships; she even presented at the third Minding Animals Conference (MAC3) in New Delhi – but that didn’t seem enough.  Understanding human-animal dynamic better was good but she needed to do something that would directly assist animals in getting a better quality of life.  Animal activism – while very important – was not something that she felt she could do.  Instead she chose a path helping through energy healing such as kinesiology.

Grażyna ended up creating ‘Best Versions of Us’ – not just her business, but also her life motto.  Her work is dedicated to enabling humans and non-humans in our evolution to become better versions of our selves. She believes that everyone has the intrinsic right to develop their full potential, to be fully and completely themselves, to express their wholeness, and to bestow their unique gifts onto the world. This right does not only apply to people but to all beings.

Cost $3 members, $6 non-members Afternoon tea and cakes provided after talk.  All Welcome!!


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