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Society in Australia

Blavatsky Lodge Sydney

The Blavatsky Lodge

Suite 8, 599 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW

Luminous Presence— Attending to the Heart of Life

Members' Circle, 2.00 - 3.30 pm, 8 September 2018.

Featured Speaker:Marie Bertelle
Venue:The Blavatsky Lodge

the Members' Circle —quality time on quality subjects

As human beings we have a special capacity, which we chronically overlook. It is our own essential nature, which generally passes unnoticed, unexamined. Our attention is usually elsewhere, directed outwards towards the world and its objects; and we blithely ignore the very instrument of our own knowing.

Yet hidden under our very noses is a treasure beyond price. For those (few) who dare to stop, 'turn around' and really look into their own being, a great opening and blossoming may follow. They may come to dwell, consciously, in the very current of life— secure, fearless, unruffled. From here radiates Wisdom, Love, Compassion — and it is perhaps only from here that any action in the world makes sense.

Our own nature, this is perhaps the power latent in the human being; and to be fully awake in this, our calling. This is what we shall explore together.

Presenter Marie Bertelle


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