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Blavatsky Lodge Sydney

The Blavatsky Lodge

Suite 8, 599 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW

Astrological Planetary Affects

Public Talk, 1.00 - 2.00 pm, 13 November 2019.

Featured Speaker:Lyndall McQuinn
Venue:The Blavatsky Lodge

A Shamanic Astrology Approach – Lyndall McQuinn  

About the Presentation

Imagine an astrology session where the astrologer joins the client in their natal chart, where the experience of each planet is gleaned by walking and talking the aspect grids that illuminate the pathways and how they have been programmed. This is the program entitled Shamanic Astrology.

In my talk at the Theosophical Society I would like to share how over a period of thirty years I have created an astrological technique where the astrologer guides the client into their own understanding of their astrology charts. This is a journey which began with me teaching in a prison in the USA, and now is a technique I use to bring clients to the awareness of how they create the realities they live in.

About the Presenter

Lyndall’s interest in Astrology began in the 1980’s and over the course of 30+ years. She has established her own business based in Daylesford, Victoria, South Yarra, Melbourne, online nationally and internationally.

Lyndall has brought together her passion for astrology, tarot, wicca, ritual, meditation, and personal development in a unique and grounded way. From her study of these fields, she has developed her own way of working with Astrology; a technique she has called Shamanic Astrology.

Lyndall has taught Astrology in many situations.

Beginning within Lancaster County Prison USA in 1985, Lyndall lead workshops at the Rainbow Festivals of 1986-1991, Descent of Innanna Retreat for Womyn 1991 and independently from 1991. She has been a guest speaker at the Sydney Festival of Dreams 2014/2015, presented at the VAA and AANSW monthly meetings 2014/2016/2017. She has also spoken internationally at International Astrology Conference Portugal Feb 2017, Feb 2019 and at the Astro Camp Alice Springs 2018.

Cost $3 members, $6 non-members Afternoon tea and cakes provided after talk.  All Welcome!!


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