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Blavatsky Lodge Sydney

The Blavatsky Lodge

Suite 8, 599 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW

An exploration based on the insights of J. Krishnamurti

Public talk, 1.00 - 2.00 pm, 3 October 2018.

Featured Speaker:Andrew Hilton
Venue:The Blavatsky Lodge

Can we disentangle ourselves from speculation?

About the Presentation

If we can disentangle ourselves from the tool of speculation, the psychological fears and our frenetic impulse to explain and interpret, is there a capacity for observation, of paying attention and a learning mind.

The learning mind can pull us out of the small little self-enclosed shell in which we live otherwise when we just accept everything that our family believed and our culture told us, thereby becoming a part of it and keep doing propaganda for it! That is what we see happening around us and it creates so much chaos in the world, so much division. At least one can step out of that; so why feel frustrated, saying total freedom has not come. We don’t know what total freedom is, we just have a concept about it (Padmanabhan Krishna A Jewel on a Silver Platter p. 367).

It’s a monumental problem to rein in a world run by imagination. Krishnamurti holds that there’s no choice but to face the fact of greed and competition which can spread nothing but misery around the world (Geetha Waters Waking the Mind p. 50).

I remain with my hurt which means I don’t avoid it. I don’t run away from it. I am not caught in the explanations of why I am hurt. I don’t analyse it. Right? So I remain with that hurt, without any movement of thought. Now I want to see if that machinery can stop. I want to see what happens, if there is a part which has never been touched by thought. Or is the whole movement thought? (Krishnamurti with staff and students at Brockwood Park in 1974).

So, we translate in terms of the old, thereby unwittingly preventing the new from disclosing itself.

About the Presenter

Andrew Hilton, probably over-educated, married with kids, was living south of Bowral, recently returned to living in Sydney; fountain pen enthusiast, former public servant, bookseller and mental health support worker. Andrew has co-facilitated various Krishnamurti activities over some decades.

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