The Theosophical
Society in Australia

Blavatsky Lodge Sydney

The Blavatsky Lodge

Suite 8, 599 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW

TOS Circle Presents:

PUBLIC TALK, 2.00 - 4.00 pm, 24 September 2022.

Featured Speaker:Kevin Parker
Venue:The Blavatsky Lodge

“NATURE SPIRITS, DEVAS and ANGELS” Presented by Kevin Parker


Humankind has had an awareness of Beings in the Subtle realms for time immemorial. Kevin will share his own insights from 20 years of investigative and experiential practice.


Kevin Parker is a Shamanic Practitioner a Spiritual Life Coach, Counsellor and Meditation Teacher. He has been studying and working with esoteric practices for over 40 years.

All donations to the Koala Hospital.  Afternoon tea will be served.  Our spiritual library with over 20,000 books will be open from 12 md - 4 pm


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