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Plato - One of the World's Greatest Philosophers


Plato’s Philosophy and Relevance to Theosophy – Michael Svoronos

About the Presentation:

Plato (c427-347) was “An Initiate into the Mysteries and the greatest Greek philosopher whose writings are known the world over. He was a pupil of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle”. (Source: The Theosophical Glossary by H. P. Blavatsky. 1892. )

Plato believed that the ills of society could not be solved by way of political means. Instead, philosophy provided the answer if philosophers became rulers or rulers’ philosophers. He wrote extensively and one of his best known works The Republic includes Plato’s vision of the ideal state. The society he envisaged was to be governed by guardians trained in moral philosophy.

His theory of the Forms refers to an ideal state of consciousness where true reality exists. It is a subjective and real state that compares with the objective and unreal world that we experience in our daily lives. A book often sighted in theosophical literature is Timaeus and Critias where it refers to the last remnants of the submerged continent of Atlantis and its inhabitants. Plato is not unique in referring to such lost worlds that perished by way of cataclysmic events. His writings are purposely veiled because as an Initiate to the ancient Mysteries he was bound by an oath of secrecy.

Plato created a school called the Academy. It was devoted to philosophical research and teaching that lasted for generations. The teaching method in the Academy has been used by Western Universities.

About the Presenter:

Michael Svoronos is a retired bank employee with an interest in the fifth century before Christ Greek Classical era, a time of extraordinary achievement and inspiration. He has knowledge of the Greek language that helped him understand Plato’s terms and finds enhanced significance in Platonisism in the course of his Theosophical studies.

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