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JUNE - JULY 2022 Program


Wednesday 1st – 1:00pm
The Power of Renewal – Linda Oliveira

The miraculous power of renewal is found throughout Nature and therefore also within each human being. Not only can parts of a human body be revitalised, but the possibility of a renewal in consciousness lies within us all. We will explore this together with reference to the nature of our minds, how such renewal may come about, and the story of the fabulous mythological Phoenix. The talk will be accompanied by PowerPoint slides.

Linda Oliveira joined the TS in 1971. She is a former International Vice-President of The Theosophical Society and was the Australian Section's National President, as well as the Editor of Theosophy in Australia, during two periods totalling sixteen years. Articles by her have been published in a number of theosophical magazines. Linda has given presentations for the TS in various countries and holds a strong conviction that exploring and deeply reflecting on the Perennial Wisdom provides, to those who are awake and alert, the possibility of profound spiritual transformation.

Saturday 11th – 2:00pm
Members’ Circle – All members welcome
Rejuvenating a Lodge – Gerard Brennan and Pamela Peterson

This will be a brainstorming session with a focus on how we might revitalise a Lodge through reviewing what we do well and perhaps rethinking how we might improve certain things. From time to time it is helpful to reflect on the way we do things and see perhaps if our processes can be tweaked a little. So, come along with some suggestions and be prepared to discuss them in an open forum. While we may not agree on everything, perhaps we can agree on the need for some constructive refinements and examine ways of implementing practical improvements.
There will be time for discussion, sharing and reflection in this interactive session.

Wednesday 8th – 1:00pm
Seeing the Light – Martin Wetherill

This talk is about exploring the physical visual world and discovering a new perception of the ordinary around you. Using your smart phone camera as a tool for mindfulness, and accessing the creative state of flow, we can capture a new visual reality in photos. This is not a technical talk about photography, it’s about a change in perception, and using street photography as a transformative practice, from distraction to awareness. For new eyes reveal new images.

Prior to his return to Australia at the end of 2019, after 14 years living overseas, Martin Wetherill was working as a commercial videographer in Mexico & Italy. He also taught high school Visual Arts, Cinema Studies and Photography in high schools in Mexico, and lectured at Rome International School St Stephens. His Roma Noir photography exhibition was held in Gallery 77 in Queensland in 2017. Along with his commercial work & teaching, he has been researching creative states of meditation & mind for 25 years. He discovered a new way of seeing with the winter light on the streets of Rome.

Wednesday 15th – 1:00pm
Theosophy and the 21st Century – Suzanne May

How the idea of Perennial Truth can change the way you approach life.
Suzanne has frequently lectured at TS groups and lodges in Sydney, Gosford, NZ, and the Sunshine Coast in Qld, as well as having provided sessions for weekends at Springbrook and Caloundra for the Sunshine Coast Lodge. She has taught Tai Chi as a way of promoting body confidence, lectured for her local councils on motivational subjects and been a frequent speaker at Lions clubs, Probus groups and Seniors groups.

Wednesday 22nd – 1:00pm
Music and Mantra for health and happiness – Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen

Immerse yourself in a unique, interactive session exploring the use of sound, music and mantras for health and healing. IndiaJiva draw their knowledge from the deep well of Indian Spirituality and the ancient knowledge of the rishis and sages of ancient India. You will discover the power of the Indian musical tradition and its relationship to the emotions and the chakras and learn the deeper meaning behind the mantras and how their power can be harnessed in everyday life. Sing along with popular mantras and chants.

Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen are multi-instrumentalists and composers collectively known as IndiaJiva who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of sacred music – creating a new synthesis in sound. Their combination as INDIAJIVA see them blend the traditional world of Indian music with indigenous, world and contemporary musical genres. They have been recognized as masters at weaving ethereal Vedic chants and Raga Sangeet (ancient Indian music tradition which had been in existence for thousands of years) with their mystical sonorities and presenting their music in a contemporary and accessible manner wherever they go.

They can be seen in small and large concert halls from yoga barns to Festival stages, IndiaJiva continue to quench the thirst of their local fan base to international audiences - their youtube channel count is currently over the 10 million mark with over 23,000 subscribers. IndiaJiva have released more than 18 albums of their music, plus books, workbooks on sound and consciousness, artwork, DVD’s and more.

Wednesday 29th – 1:00pm
The Esoteric Foundations of Astrology According to Theosophy by Pablo Sender – DVD presentation introduced by Rosana Sheridan

Astrology has been known to humanity for millennia, and many who study it deeply recognize its power to describe people's traits, their changing psychological states, and even future events in their lives. In spite of this, little has been said about the mechanisms by which the movement of distant astronomical bodies can be related to the personalities and lives of individuals. In this talk, Pablo Sender, Ph.D., presents how Theosophical teachings explain this connection between the cosmic and human systems, which takes place simultaneously at the levels of our spiritual Self, our subtle and physical bodies, and our personal karma.
Pablo Sender, Ph.D., became a member of the Theosophical Society in his native Argentina and has presented Theosophical lectures, seminars, and classes around the world. He is the author of Evolution of the Higher Consciousness, and his articles have been published in several Theosophical journals.

July 2022 Program

Wednesday 6th – 1:00pm
Vedanta’s Message of Strength & Courage – Pravrajika Sridharaprana

Strength or courage is usually considered to be a virtue, an ethical concept. It is a virtue only because it is a manifestation of an essential aspect of the Ultimate Reality.
True courage does not need any extraordinary feat; but it needs extraordinary courage to face the day-to-day problems of life, to love and live in harmony with people, to forge a brighter future out of the encircling gloom. This is existential courage, courage expressed through one’s living, one’s way of existence as a human being.
Pravrajika Sridharaprana is a senior nun of Sri Sarada Math of the Ramakrishna Order, the women’s parallel organisation to the men’s (Ramakrishna Math & Mission). In 2006 she was deputed from India to be an assistant nun for the Centre here, Sri Sarada Math’s first Centre outside India and the first Centre of the Ramakrishna Order in Australia. (The Monks have subsequently established numerous Centres in Australia since 2000).

Saturday 9th – 2:00pm
At the Feet of the Master - Living Wisdom in the 21st Century – Gerard Brennan

This session will involve a closer examination of selected passages from this classic theosophical text, while trying to relate the ideas to the demands of our daily lives. Members will be encouraged to share their ideas and relate the concepts to the world around them. We will be working in pairs and groups in an effort to gain deeper insights into this enduring work.

Wednesday 13th – 1:00pm
Some Sacred Islamic Architecture – Joe Vandermeer

We will examine the function of some architecture as a carrier of what is sacred, and we will look at some of the contributing elements. How does architecture affect us? What can it teach us? As our primary example, we will examine a building erected at the height of esoteric Islamic influence on Indian culture, the Taj Mahal, but will also examine additional structures containing various Sufi teachings. We will also look at some Fourth Way teachings by G I Gurdjieff about sacred architecture. There will be plenty of colourful slides to illustrate the material.

Joe Vandermeer has been drawn to methods of inner development, especially those which combine the knowledge of science and philosophy with the wisdom of religions, psychology and mythology. His favourite material is drawn from various streams of esoteric science including the work of his former teacher Dr Philip Groves. Joe is currently the Director of the Swedenborg Centre where he welcomes any visitors who wish to explore and share their personal growth stories, insights and experiences over a cuppa, or online session.

Wednesday 20th – 1:00pm
Working with the Feminine Wisdom of Green Tara – Jan Cornall

In Tibet, Green Tara, the mother of all Buddhas, has been known for hundreds of years as a fierce protector and saviour from harm. In ancient times she rescued people from tigers and bandits, but how can she help us with all the problems of the modern day? Writer Jan Cornall invites you to spend a little time getting to know Green Tara: her stories, her enlightened activities and how we can work with her in daily life.
Jan has a Master of Arts in Cultural and Creative Practice and has taught creative writing for over two decades at writer’s centres, community colleges, universities (UTS, WSU) and writer’s festivals in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

In her teaching and mentoring Jan is dedicated to nurturing the unique attributes of writers and artists. Since 2004 with her company Writer’s Journey, she has led creativity workshops and retreats in international locations. Using meditative writing techniques, she takes writers deep into their creative source.
For more than three decades Jan has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism. She learned the Green Tara practice from Jetsun Kushok Chimey Luding (Sakya lineage) and the late Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and uses it as one of her main meditation practices.

Wednesday 27th – 1:00pm
Australian Society Post-Pandemic – Paul Fenton-Smith

Paul Fenton-Smith looks ahead at Australian politics, our relationship with China and the US and our weather patterns.

This eye-opening glimpse of events that shape Australia’s political landscape highlights our tendency to look away from world events while feeling grateful that we live on an island / continent.
Paul is a lively speaker and this talk is based on intuitive meditations focussed on the macro view of our part of the world. He’s the author of 12 books and founded the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney in 1985 where he teaches intuitive development, tarot reading, palmistry and astrology.

Suggested donation for Wednesday afternoon talks: $5.00

June – July 2022 Courses

Every Wednesday: 10:00am–11:00am – “Sharing Spiritual Awareness”
Study Group, currently reading ‘The Pilgrim on the Path’, by John Algeo.
Co-ordinated by Rosanna Sheridan.

Every Wednesday: 11:10am–12:10pm – “The Mahatma Letters”
The Mahatma Letters are a large series of correspondence between A.P. Sinnett and 
H.P. Blavatsky's teachers, though some letters were sent to other T.S. members. The Letters contain much of the main core of Theosophical Teachings. The original Letters are now in the British Museum.
Facilitator: Simon O’Rourke

Every Wednesday: 3:00pm – 3:30pm – Meditation with Lucille Crocker

Thursdays 10:30am – 11:45am, 2 June – 14 July – The Flower of Life Mystery: The World’s Oldest Symbol and its Crucial Role in the Flourishing and Nourishing of Humankind.
June 2: Six petals, Seven Sisters: The Rise and Rise of the Flower Kingdom …and the huge debt we owe it.
June 9: Spirit Guardians and Sacred Spaces - from Babylon to Notre Dame, via Assyria and Flora-abundance in sacred architecture, ancient and ‘modern’.
June 16: The Music of the Spheres – The sacred geometry of the arts and sciences from Shakespeare to Turing. Music is the food of love… and the flower of life.
June 23: Crop Circles and Other Peculiarities – Reoccurring geometric phenomenon defying rational explanation. Until now!
June 30: The Hollywood Connection: The Wizardry of Oz, the Dream Factory and Theosophy. Sacred Art on the Silver Screen.
July 7: Patterns, Pathways and Perpetuity: Sacred Geometry in Daily Life. It’s everywhere!
July 14: Only Connect! The Importance of Being Geometric. Our future depends on it!

Facilitator: Keith Howes has presented courses on a variety of subjects in his twenty years as a member of Blavatsky Lodge, including Greenosophy, Wordosophy and Foodosophy.
Throughout June and the first half of July, Keith will be presenting an interactive “illumination” of the Flower of Life, an ancient but enduring design which is the basis of much art and science across a swathe of cultures and epochs.

This special “Flower” remains rooted in our 21st century world. In this series of lively discussions Keith Howes aims to outline and focus attention on this simple but infinitely mysterious pattern through times ancient and modern.

Open eyes and open minds welcome!

2nd & 4th Thursdays of the Month: 6:00pm–7:30pm – “The Krishnamurti Experience”
Come and live a Krishnamurti teaching, experience one of his talks and explore with Leon Horsnell the DVD viewing.
Facilitator: Leon Horsnell (member of the Krishnamurti Australia committee)

The TOS Open Circle Presents:
Saturday 25 June 2022 at 2.00pm

“ZEN and NOW”
Presented by Peter Thompson

Peter has had an absorbing and passionate interest in esoteric/mystical teachings and practice and whilst at university, age 21, he first encountered teachings of J. Krishnamurti and 
Vimala Thakar. For over 40 he has settled on Zen and Buddhist practice as an excellent way to bridge the yawning gap between the highest teachings and the everyday mind
All donations to YOUTH off the STREETS

Saturday 23 July 2022 at 2:00pm

“Refugee Reality”
Presented by Kathie Herbert
of the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group
Kathie is currently the Vice Chairperson of BMRSP

Their vision is of an openhearted Australia where people seeking refuge and asylum are treated with justice and compassion.
All donations to the BMRSG

All events are held at Suite 8, 599 Pacific Highway, St. Leonards 2065 (entrance via Albany Street). 

Enquiries: Tel 02 9267 6955, or

All Welcome!!


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