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The Galileo Commission Report

The Galileo Commission Report is a project of the Scientific and Medical Network, led by David Lorimer, who chairs the Steering Committee. It is entitled Beyond a Materialist Worldview – Towards an Expanded Science and was written by Prof Dr Harald Walach after widespread consultation with 90 advisers representing 30 universities worldwide – the full version is 136 pages and the Layman’s Guide is 56 pages. The direct link is:

The Introduction to the report is given by Dr Lorimer, the Program Director of the Scientific and Medical Network.  Dr Lorimer will be interviewed by Ravi Ravindra during the online TS International Convention to be held on 27-30 December:

In the Preface to this report, Professor Peter Fenwick, suggests the mechanistic view by the Church of Materialism of the world and human kind has led to an impoverished society where mechanical-driven models of human behaviour – beings with no consciousness, no soul – degrade our societies and the planet. 

The Foreword is by psychiatrist and author, Dr Iain McGilchrist in which he discusses the distorting effect, specifically by the scientific community, of the lens through which reality is viewed.  Fear can block the ability to revise cherished beliefs, especially if prestige (egos) and money are at stake.  Fear, however, can also be the catalyst for change, more often only when the evidence or need for change becomes overwhelming. 

This report is well worth reading if you lean towards the lens that sees consciousness as being prior to matter.  McGilchrist suggests that science does not have enough evidence to support its materialistic view that matter gives rise to consciousness, i.e. that it is an emergent phenomenon of brain activity.  This report does not argue that there is something wrong with science, but that the current scientific paradigm is not scientific enough. 

For a summary of the arguments of the Galileo Commission Report, see this link:


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