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Society in Australia

Blavatsky Lodge Sydney

Raja Yoga


A monthly discussion and meditation group

The class will follow a powerful book called Raja Yoga by Wallace Slater. The book is structured into 10 chapters and we will cover and practice one chapter per month.

Slater feels if practiced with earnestness and sincerity, this course will enable the reader to absorb the spirit and practice of Raja Yoga and bring about almost imperceptibly immense benefits over the 10 months.
The monthly format will provide a graded practical and theoretical examination of Patanjali's eight steps of yoga which include: moral and ethical behaviour, body discipline for greater health, easy breathing techniques and control of the senses, all of which are preparatory for meditation practice. 

We will read one chapter and discuss its content and finish with a practical meditation session. Studying within a supportive group is beneficial, enjoyable and encourages putting into practice spiritual teachings rather than the teachings remaining academic.

The book Raja Yoga by Wallace Slater is freely available online and copies can also be purchased for $6 when you attend the class.

FACILITATORS:     Dr Wendy Dixon and Peter Thompson
DATES:                    The second Sunday of each month (ends in November 2023)
TIME:                      4:00pm to 5:30pm
VENUE:                   Blavatsky Lodge, Suite 8/599 Pacific Highway St Leonards (entrance in Albany St)
COST:                     A small donation of $5-$10 is appreciated to help cover the cost of refreshments


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