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The Feline Mystery - Much more than meets the eye!


A SIX WEEK COURSE - The Feline Mystery Thursdays 10:30am – 11:45am, from 3rd March - 28 APRIL 2022 (CLASS NOW EXTENDED)

The course will aim to focus on personal experience and observation, with no set book or audio-visual presentation. By sharing our feelings, as well as facts, history and philosophy surrounding the feline family we should hopefully uncover if not necessarily solve the mystery that is The Cat.  There is far more to this course than meets the eye!  Looking at historical events, linked in some way to cats, we gain insights into current day events.

Week One: The Mystery and the History. Cats from antiquity to now.

Week Two: The Body and the Brain. Flexibility and inscrutability.

Week Three: Wild and dangerous. Big cats, and small cats’ impact on our environment. Big cats, small cats, sacred cats, evil cats: the story continues from the Black Death through to the Witch Hunts and on to the latest demonizing of cats as wreckers of the environment, with especial focus on Australia in 2022. 

Week Four: Cats on culture. Books, comics and advertising. We will sweep across fairy tales, nursery rhymes, cartoons, movies, television and -of course- cat videos: Tom and Jerry to a Street Cat Named Bob. All copyright free as I will be playing all the parts!

Week Five: Filling the gap. Cats as friends, companions in a challenging world. We will examine the relationship between feline and human, and asking if it’s good/bad/healthy/ unhealthy - and what does this supposed intimacy say about society and spirituality, loneliness and belonging.

Week Six: Spooky cats. The sixth sense and cosmic consciousness of cats in our lives. Ghost stories and tales of transcendence. What is  that indefinable something most cats possess? We love mysteries but are cats Sphinxes without riddles? Are they fooling us into thinking there is more to them than meets the eye? We’ll also be delving into cat anatomy and how we might emulate its powerful properties.

Week Seven: The final session will be tying up all the history and the mystery with yet more fascinating facts about the world’s most adored -and feared - families. The Cat!

Facilitator: Keith Howes; a TS member, long enthralled by the ‘magic light’ of cinema. He is currently involved in creating a ‘theosophical history of world cinema, which he first mooted at Blavatsky Lodge in 2006.

Visitors are very welcome. All classes are free but small donations are always appreciated to contribute towards the running costs of our center.



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