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The Theosophical Society has always maintained that there is no doctrine, opinion, or teaching that is in any way binding on any member., We are all students, free to accept or reject the teachings. It is in this spirit that the Education Coordinator compiled the following catalogue.

Guide to Education Resources

In her book The Key to Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, one of the Principal Co-Founders of the Theosophical Society, stated that the TS was 'formed to assist in showing to (people) that such a thing as Theosophy exists,  and to help them to ascend towards it by studying and assimilating its eternal
verities’. Since its foundation in 1875, in New York, the Society has produced a very impressive body of literature which explores many aspects of the Wisdom Teachings referred to as Theosophy – Divine Wisdom – and regarded as the spiritual heritage of humanity as a whole.

The many resources which are included in this portfolio are presented in the same spirit: as material for study, reflection, understanding and dialogue. They include introductory, intermediate and deeper presentations; they also contain a great deal which is relevant to our daily lives, to the understanding of how our minds work, and to that deeper and necessary enquiry that leads to the realisation of our deepest potential: Self-Knowledge.

If there are any questions or comments about this portfolio, or orders for material, I will be glad to receive them.

Pedro Oliveira,
Education Coordinator,
The Theosophical Society in Australia


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The coloured cubes %e2%80%94 known as %e2%80%9ctesseracts%e2%80%9d as depicted in the frontispiece to hinton%e2%80%99s the fourth dimension %281904%29

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The coloured cubes %e2%80%94 known as %e2%80%9ctesseracts%e2%80%9d as depicted in the frontispiece to hinton%e2%80%99s the fourth dimension %281904%29

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Education Resources at the Theosophical Society in Australia

An overview of our resources by Pedro Oliveira