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Alchemy Explored

Don't miss Lyn Woodger Grant 14 October at 1pm

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White Enlightenment

Join Paul Longhetti recounting his journey to greater awareness: Public talk 24 October 1pm

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Nature Spirits and Re-Sacrilising the Earth

All donations to the Koala Preservation Society Australia for this event; kevin Parker 27 October 2 to 4


Sri  Ramana Maharshi

DVD documentary: the life of the Sage of Arunachala 31 October 1pm

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Passing of Radha Burnier

15 November 1923 – 31 October 2013

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The Muffin Syndrome

Brian Parry (OAM) on a key teaching in The Voice of the Silence 7 November 1 pm

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Character Building in the Light of Theosophy

Gloria Yiangou on how we build character: Members' Circle 10 November 2pm

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Want to  know how the outer planets influence human consciousness?

Join Marie McArdle for an insight into a subject much on the mind of the author of The Secret Doctrine: 14 Nov 1pm

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Birth of Radha Burnier

15 November 1923 – 31 October 2013

Henry steel olcott

Foundation Day

17 November 1875

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Exploring the 8 challenges of well-being

Turn your challenges into a breeze with Martine Negro 21 November 1pm

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Glimpses of Beauty and Truth

Gerard Brennan on the Romantic Poets Saturday 24 November 2 to 4.

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Mary Magdalene and Feminine Energy

Learn about the great female Disciple in this public talk by Martha Heeren 28 November 1pm

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Birth of George S Arundale

1 December 1878 — 12 August 1945

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Signs and Symbols in Religious Art

Art visualising the intangibles of faith: Public talk Robijn Z Alexanda 5 December 1pm

A group of carnations  a plate from robert thornton%e2%80%99s temple of flora %281807%29

Passing of Mary K. Neff

September 7, 1877 - December 10, 1948

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Birth of N. Sri Ram

15 December 1889 - 8 April 1973

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Birth of C. Jinarajadasa

16 December 1875 – 18 June 1953

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