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Membership of The Theosophical Society

We warmly welcome new members who are in sympathy with the Objects of the Theosophical Society. Members are not required to accept any particular teachings, or to surrender their beliefs; they may subscribe to any religion, or to none.  As the result, we have an eclectic membership.

How to Join/Where to Join

You may join the Theosophical Society at your local Lodge/Branch, or else become a National member if you don’t live close enough to your nearest TS centre. Joining a Lodge/Branch has added benefits, such as access to an astonishingly good lending and reference library in the case of our major Branches. The downloadable membership application form may be used Australia wide: however the process of joining the Society and the membership fees vary from place to place.

Our Australian locations can be found HERE

Membership fees vary from location to location, as do requirements for intending members. So please check with your nearest Lodge/Branch.

Intending Lodge/Branch Members 

If you wish to join any of our Lodges/Branches  please download the attached form and take it in to the meeting rooms nearest to your place of residence. You will need to fill out this form and take it in person into the Lodge/Branch nearest to you.

Intending National Members

Those who live at considerable distance from a Lodge/Branch, or are for any reason unable to attend meetings or benefit from local resources are welcome to join as National Members, not attached to any of our Branches. Intending National Members may complete the downloadable application form and email it to us along with proof of payment of the annual dues  $50 or $45 for those holding a Commonwealth Pension Card, plus the one-off $5 joining fee. Membership applications are approved by the national executive committee which meets bi-monthly.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FEE APPLIES ONLY TO NATIONAL MEMBERS. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BRANCH TO FIND OUT WHAT THE FEES IN THAT AREA ARE.

Once your application to join the TS in Australia has been accepted you become a member of a three-tiered Society. Your membership extends locally, nationally and internationally. If you would like to see the Rules of The TS  in Australia they can be found HERE.

Benefits of Membership of the Theosophical Society

  • Many of our members appreciate the long-term value of belonging to a society which stands for unity rather than division, free exploration of Divine Wisdom with like-minded people, and  which holds a special regard for the Sacred in the midst of a materialistic world.
  • Engage actively with other members at national events. 
  • Annual National Conventions are a highlight on the Australian TS calendar, held during January in a different State each year, for members only. They take place in university colleges in a relaxed atmosphere. Conventions provide an opportunity for members to spend quality time together.  The week-long convention include talks, discussions, workshops, outings and cultural programmes.  
  • Access to a growing collection of members' only material on this website.
  • Meet members from around Australia and elsewhere in the Indo-Pacific region at the triennial Indo-Pacific Federation conferences held in different countries.  
  • Attend the International Convention held each year at the international headquarters in Chennai (Madras) India.
  • Attend a World Congress held in a different country approximately every seven years.  The 2018 Congress was in Singapore; and the previous one in Rome.
  • Enjoy Schools of Theosophy, and retreats at our two centres located at Springbrook, south-eastern Queensland, and at Canyonleigh in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.   Both centres are located in serene natural areas, perfect for study and meditation.
  • Attend members’ meetings, talks, discussions, seminars and workshops in TS centres.
  • Discover our exceptional libraries membership of which is included with your Lodge/Branch membership; or for National Members there is the National Members' Lending Library.
  • Receive the Quarterly Theosophy in Australia as part of your annual membership subscription.
  • Receive a monthly letter from the national president for 22 months as a new member.

Undecided about joining, but interested? 

Have a good look around this website for more information.  You are welcome to attend public meetings at your nearest TS centre, or join a theosophical library if there is one nearby, and get to know some of the members.  Or you can attend some of our great events. Check out the programme of a Lodge/Branch near you.

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