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The Theosophical Order of Service is a worldwide organisation, associated with the Theosophical Society, that seeks to apply Theosophical princip...

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Gems from our collection and news

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Sat 28 Nov 12md BOOK SALE 2 pm TALK by Rev Bill Crews

Haeckel ceylon jungle river

Man's Selfishness Towards Nature

An article written in 1969 but still so relevant

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Books In Review

Rosanna Sheridan

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Christianty vs Science

John Pater 1-2 pm Wed 14 Oct

Photo by eduardo flores on unsplash

Seven Secular Myths about Religions

Rupert Sheldrake 1 pm Wed 5th Aug (video)

Palm leaf manuscript teacher and pupil

At the Feet of the Master (video)

John Algeo Wed 1 pm 8 July

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The Mahatma Letters

Study Group Wed 11-12 md From 1 July 2020 ongoing

Jacob%e2%80%99s dream by william blake  1805

The Pilgrim and the Path

Book group, Wed 10-11 am From 1 July 2020 ongoing

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